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Godard - 'Pizza Throwing' Cassette


Distorted Tapes is proud to be teaming up with Don't Shoot the Messenger to bring you Godard's latest EP, Pizza Throwing. Hailing from the Isle of Wight, these South Coast pop-punkers have been catching eyes for their hard work and frankly ace songs. 50 copies - 25 green shells here with Distorted Tapes, and a further 25 fluorescent orange shells with DSTM.

If you're a fan of Taking Back Sunday, Gnarwolves or Joyce Manor, and you like your emo with a pop kick you are going to love these guys.

We quickly sold out of our limited number of Don't Shoot the Messenger's fluorescent orange copies, so make sure you get a greenie before it's too late!

We've got a few copies of the pumpkin orange version, limited to a further 25, which the band took out on tour with Hindsights earlier in November. Looks beautiful! Get both for a reduced price.

Includes download code, unleashing all 4 tracks as MP3s to listen to at your convenience!

Split release between Distorted Tapes & Don't Shoot the Messenger
Limited to 75 copies

Turtle Green x25 - Sold Out!
Fluoro Orange x25 - Sold Out!
Pumpkin Orange x25 - Last Few!

Sold Out